10 Tips To Beat The Odds At The Casino

Casino is a place where most people go to enjoy their night and have some fun, but if you are serious gambler you not only want to play but win. We can help you with some tips that can increase your odds at beating the casino.

Identify the clumsiest dealers

This is one way you can increase your odds at playing and winning the game. The clumsiest dealers are generally the ones who might show you the cards even when face down. Identifying this dealer can help you make a fortune at the time.

Know when to say ‘no’

The house is always going to have the advantage no matter what game your are playing. If you see yourself to be on a winning streak it is better that you stop after a point and take what you have won. This will decrease your chances of loosing the game.

Eyes on the price

Always be focus on the game as casinos sometimes have ways to distract you and make your victory into theirs. If you are distracted by what is happening around you are definitely going to loose.

Purchase your own drinks

This is the most commonly used trick that casinos do, if they notice that you are winning they will start to send drinks to your table just to ensure that you are not in your sense which can affect your game. Buying your drinks will ensure that you drink moderately and also ensure that you stay winning.

Have a watch

Have you ever noticed that there are no watches in casinos, this is because that they want you to loose track of time. If you do not have track of time, it is easier for you to stay on the floor for longer.

Avoid sitting near light

Avoid sitting at any flashy light which can easily distract you from the game. Try to look for the spot which is dim light as this will help you concentrate and also avoid the opponent seeing the cards through the reflection.


Casino games are easy to learn but hard to master, it is a good idea that before you venture into casino learn the game and try to practicing which will ensure a win.

Go big

There are game where you need to understand that the amount you pay will be equivalent to the amount you win. This can mean the difference between profitable winning.

Exploit nature laws

One way you can make most out of roulette table is that constant spinning of table can hamper with the result and that can mean the difference between winning or loosing.

Don’t play games you do not know

There will be many games at the casino which you might not know and playing those you are basically setting yourself up to failure.

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